Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It’s truly a small world

So, one of the stranger "small world” events occurred just this evening. We’re going to be in studio this weekend recording the voice over work for “Wisdom”. I was talking to Matt Tobias, owner/operator of Empty House Studio, a few days ago mentioning that I needed one more voice to record a half page of dialog and he mentioned someone that he had recently met that has done some voice over work locally. He gave me a name and a phone number. I called her and set up a meeting tonight while I was rehearsing with JD and Pete. I mentioned in earlier blogs that my buddy Shun Lee from LA was in town last week and we met one evening and talked about various film projects, past, present and future. At a little while after 8:00, another person he was scheduled to meet with that evening picked him up at my house. Okay, back to tonight.. this gal that was planning on coming over to audition for the voice over worked called back after I e-mailed her a map to my house and casually mentioned that she just-so-happened to be the one that picked up Shun Lee just a few nights before. Tremendously small world I must say.

The rehearsals went great tonight. Lori read well and will work perfectly for what we will need on Saturday and JD was his usual great self. There is a lot of dialog to get through on Saturday but we should be able to knock the whole thing out in a few hours. Then I will truly have no excuses not to work on the edit.

Speaking of the edit, Matt Harrell will be over Wednesday night to help lay out the editing for some of the scenes. I can use the help. We will also be talking about shooting “Random” and trying to figure out the crew situation. Never a dull moment.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to all military-folk, past and present, living home and abroad. Your service makes my life possible.

Had a pretty good weekend. Spent several hours yesterday reviewing the latest edit of "Heart of the City" with Jeff Saxton and Matt Harrell. We compiled a list of edit thoughts and ideas that will hopefully help Jeff take the film to the next steps which will include completing the edit then taking the film to a final sound editor, then to an online edit. We're getting closer.

Spent some time with Chris Zech yesterday discussing our next short film "Random". We drove out to check out a possible location which was awesome (thanks Nate), but may not work for the specifics required for this short. A nice, fat budget would allow us to construct the required set piece on a sound stage which would be perfect, but may not be practical. We will continue to look for an existing location and consider the idea of possibly building a set over the next few weeks.

A rehearsal for "Random" will come sometime in the next couple of weeks as well. Due to the meaty and intense nature of the script, we will want the actors to be as prepared as possible before we start to shoot.

We are probably two weeks away from announcing the cast and crew so look for that in upcoming blogs.

In "Wisdom" news, a final rehearsal with JD is scheduled for Tuesday at 8:30pm at the King Penguin Studio. All of the voice over work is scheduled to be recorded at Empty House Studio this coming weekend so we're having this final rehearsal to help us all find the character. Plus JD spent over week in California and has probably forgotten the role, the short film, and probably even us.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Welcome home weary traveler

Had a great meeting with Sean Prior, lawyer turned Hollywood actor, yesterday about the state of independent film, acting, screenwriting, and the litany of projects we're both working on. We had a very cool exchange of ideas and an enjoyable time of pitching projects back-and-forth. I'd just read his freshly completed feature film script and was blown away by it. Great script, great story, great characters. It will be interesting to follow the process of the screen play as it hits various desks in Hollywood to see if there is interest. It seems tailor made for the big screen so it could be a very exciting "in" into the LA "family". Good luck SP.

Also, we talked about his next large endeavor that could be extremely cool but is probably at least a year away. More on that in months to come as things start to pick up steam. I know my wheels are already churning though.

I sat down two nights ago and made a list of the various film projects that I'm working on whether they be in post production (1 feature, 2 shorts), in the middle of principal photography (1 music video), in the preproduction stage looking for casting and crew (2 short films) or in the pre-pre planning stage (1 feature, 2 shorts, 1 documentary). Lots going on, very cool. It would be interesting to fast forward one year then two years to see how all of these turned out and how many other projects wormed their way in as well. If I had a DVD on my shelf of all of them in less than two years, that would be amazing because there are some awesome ideas knocking around that, if done well, could open some tremendous doors.

By the way, crew notes have gone out for our next short film project entitled "Random". This is an amazing script written by Chris Zech of Echo Factory Productions and there's a nice little buzz about the story. Everyone that's read it so far is excited about it and it could be a great door opener into some film festivals so I'm really excited to sink my teeth into it. I've hand selected and made offers to six very talented crew folk and if I can get them on board, we'll have a great film. We've already cast the lead male and have a lot of interest from two potential lead females. Rehearsals will start sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

What's a podcast?

Did I mention on my last blog that there were no excuses and that I was going to start downloading footage right away? Well, that was Monday and it's now Thursday and I've managed to come up with some more excuses, so at this point, I still haven't downloaded a frame. I've upgraded all of the necessary software, added another large hard drive and am now ready to go. This time I REALLY have no excuses. Yeah, we'll see.

So, what's a podcast? Basically internet radio that you can download onto your iPod (or anything that you own that plays mp3's including your computer). That being said, my friends Bob and Lou have a podcast that they put out every two weeks on the topic of independent filmmaking. Ha ha. I couldn't help but chuckle when I typed "every two weeks". That's their supposed schedule anyway, you can see how often they actually put one out by clicking here. So, when you click there, feel free to download show number 33 and click "download the show" to hear Bob and Lou interview me and Chris Zech on location after we wrapped principal photography on "Hero Alley". Let me know what you think of the show and what we had to say. I welcome anyone's feedback.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Post production blues

Okay, I'm almost over the horror of the last week so I have no excuses now. It's time to start downloading footage. Pete and I have reviewed all of the footage and we like what we see. We've got the makin's of a decent little film. I still need to get in studio with JD for all of the voice over work, so that's at least a week away but after that, I will have all of the raw material to put a film together. And on that subject, if anyone out there is reading this and has their own music, or knows anyone that has music and would like to be considered for the soundtrack, please feel free to drop me a line and send me some CDs. I will listen to anything and if it's good and it works, I'll be happy to put your songs in the film. I will do an official song request blast via e-mail sometime in the next couple of weeks too.

So, assuming "Wisdom" and "Hero Alley" get edited sometime very soon...

I've got a lot of projects on the horizon. Schedules are being put together to finish shooting the music video "Sorry" for Brad Hoshaw. It's a great song and it's very visual so I'm really looking forward to shooting more footage for that. Two actors are needed (I'm pretty sure I have one committed already) and more live footage needs to be shot then I can start editing that as well.

Discussions with Redfrogs have been taking place over the last week with some interesting ideas for the Middle of Nowhere Film Festival so more on that in upcoming months.

Lastly, I had a meeting this weekend with Chris Zech (Echo Factory) and Nate Styles about DVD and poster artwork for "Wisdom" and "Hero Alley" as well as preproduction thoughts on a new short film "Random". A very cool project, that's, you guessed it, coming soon. I really need to win the powerball so I can quit my job to work on all of these projects full time.

Mark your calendars, the Omaha Film Festival is only ten months away.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Awaking from the nightmare

Your pulse quickens, beads of ice cold sweat form on your forehead. Images appear before you that make no sense as you move from your living room through the hallway of a house from your childhood and into your 1st grade classroom, looking out the windows and seeing scenes from old movies, almost recognizable. Screams and sounds of moaning and breaking glass can be heard in the distance. Or were they in the next room? The awful feeling of dread consumes you. You don’t know why. Something is missing. Something is wrong. The hair stands up on the back of your neck. Are you alone, or in a crowded room? You try to flee, with thousand pound weights around your ankles. Each step pushes your feet further and further into the sandy floor. You grab at things to try to pull you forward away from...what? In a final burst of complete horror, you find your self sitting straight up in your bed, drenched in sweat, heart pounding in your ears with eyes squinting, straining for elements of reality. Straining to visualize any recognizable images to put as much distance between the nightmare and real life. The clock radio, the street light coming through the window, the comforting silhouettes of. personal items. It was only a dream. As your heart beat slows and your eyes adjust to the light, you realize it wasn’t real and that you’re in the safety of your own home.

Such has been the last seven days, I awoke this morning. Last Sunday after principal photography was wrapped for “Wisdom”, I ran some filmmaking errands then went off to a nice mother’s day dinner. I arrived at home to a black computer screen with four lines of text. Fearing the worst, I called my computer wiz friend Jeff and read to him those four lines. After each line, he responded with a rather frank “mmm hmm”, “mmm hmm”. Until the forth line, to which he responded “Oooohh.” Umm, I don’t want to hear “oooohh” when it comes to my PC. My life is in my PC. After about three hours of messing, I was finally able to get booted and get on to write a few things in the blog. The next attempt was Tuesday night, and it took several boots to get in and write the e-mails and blogs that I was able to complete, and after about two hours, I heard a couple of loud knocks and my screen went blue. Oooohh. I’ve been without a computer ever since, until 6:00am this morning. Mad props to Steve for bailing me out of this nightmare and for helping me rebuild my system (with new hard drive installed) and putting me back to where I was last Sunday. With no data lost. I can breath again, and the heart rate is slowing. As with all nightmares, you wait for the other shoe to drop. For Mike Meyers’ hand to spring out of the lake or for Freddie Kruger’s face to appear where you least expect it. But for now, all is well with the computer. All of my programs and data files are in tact. I will take the next few days and develop and employ a backup strategy for my data. Then I will start downloading footage for “Wisdom” and “Hero Alley” so that they can be edited. Awaking from the nightmare.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Break Time

It feels really good to be in somewhat of a state of flux for a little while. It seems I've been burning the candle at multi-ends for months and now that we're in the lul time of the Omaha Film Festival and since principal photography is wrapped on "Hero Alley" and "Wisdom", it feels good to come home in the evening without that overbearing pressure that there is so much that needs to be done. I can breath... and breathing is good.

I've looked at a bit of the footage from "Wisdom" and am very excited to get cracking on the edit. I will be tweaking the computer over the next few days to make sure it's ready for the task so hopefully I will be full into editing by this time next week.

Upcoming for KPP:

This Saturday I'm meeting with Chris Zech of Echo Factory Productions and Nate Styles about posters and DVD cover art for both "Hero Alley" and "Wisdom" and also talking about logos and websites. Should be a productive meeting.

This Thursday JD flys to LA and will be gone for a week so I will look to book some studio time with Matt Tobias at Empty House Studio for his triumphant return to the Big O so we can get all of the voice over work done for "Wisdom". Matt will just be returning from a short tour in Canada and then Las Vegas, so the timing is perfect.

I talked to Jeff Saxton of NLightN Productions out of Minneapolis and he will be coming down in two weeks to spend some time reviewing our feature film "Heart of the City" and coming up with some editing ideas (sound/cuts/ADR/sound track/etc.) to hopefully make the final push towards completion. An early fall completion would be awesome so we can start hitting the festival circuit, but let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Lastly, I had an interesting conversation with Jeremy from the Omaha Film Festival. Something fun and interesting could be coming down the pipeline very soon so keep an eye out for it.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Wisdom" principal photography day 2

AAAaaaahhhhh. Principal photography for day two is officially in the books. Or in the can, or the cassette box. Or something. It's done. Another great day on set with a fantastic cast and crew. I think we have some tremendous raw material to work with and I'm looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and cutting this thing together.

First off, I want to take my hat off to Pete, the writer and producer of this short film. You gave us a great script to work with, and it made it easy for me to cast it because everyone loved the script so much. I never thought I would direct a "romantic comedy", but after much discussion and thought, that's really what this was. Oh well. I think we worked well together and put a nice film down on tape.

So, on to the review of the day. Crew call was 10:00am at Pete's house so I showed up at around 9:40 to start getting things set-up, only to be greeted by an extremely sick Pete with a 100+ temp. Better him than me I say. Anyway, I hauled an entire Explorer's worth of gear into his two bedroom house and completely rearranged two rooms worth of furniture to capture our first shot. The crew and cast both arrived on time (which is awesome since we didn't wrap until after midnight last night and the crew had to drive clear back to Lincoln).

We had three decent scenes to get through plus a gorilla effort putting together the fantasy dream sequence and it all worked out well. The bed scene is a very cool scene with a painfully slow pull-back (30 seconds?!) Very nice. The kitchen scene is, well, the kitchen scene. It will be talked about and will go down in folklore forever. I cannot wait to edit that scene. Then the last scene on the porch, without the sunshine, and with the icy cold wind (is it May or January?). It's a good thing our character mentioned how hot it was the day before in his opening scene. Stupid weather.

The dream sequence was a lot of fun. My favorite part of filming that was the planning, then the execution. All of you filmmakers out there will certainly appreciate this. When Pete and I were discussing the various scenes and shots, we established all of these great locations to shoot them in, which if we had all day would have been great, but when on set, you tend to get a little more practical. We ended up shooting all four of our fantasy date shots within a mile of our first location of the day instead of shuttling the cast and crew all over town. I love it when common sense kicks in. Too bad it doesn't happen more often. All of the shots worked out great and it will be satisfying cutting the footage of four locations, four wardrobe changes, four camera setups, four lighting setups, and about 20 minutes of DV tape into about 15 seconds of screen time. Very satisfying indeed.

The last thing needed to pull the final project together is all of the voice over work and since JD thinks it's more important to go out to Los Angeles for a week, I suppose we'll be doing that when he returns. (By the way, I think a trip to LA is more important too.. and yes, I'm jealous).

Once again, thank you very much to the crew for doing such a great job. Trace, Tory, Chris, Matt, Jeremy... all rock stars. Hopefully we'll be working together again real soon. Also, great job to JD, Cristy and Geoffrey for coming in prepared and doing a fantastic job in front of the camera.

Okay, favorite moment... the "jelly scene" (insert laugh track here). Never before has jelly been... ummm.. spread and ...well, FLUNG in so many interesting ways at so many interesting... errr.. parts. Great job to those involved for maintaining their dignity. Blackmail photos to be discussed at a future date.

Favorite shot... certainly the close-up of the chess board and Cristy's beautiful face. Gorgeous shot... props to all for making it happen.

The highest compliment a filmmaker can give to his cast and crew... I will work with each and every one of you again, any time, on my projects or yours.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.

"Wisdom" principal photography day 1

Well Pete, we did it. The first day of principal photography for our short film "Wisdom" is in the can. We shot about 17 pages of script today. I figured about 8 hours should get us there. Naturally I figured wrong. Why does it always take WAY longer than you plan? I had the shots pretty well planned out, and I had a minimal number of setups (well, as minimal as I could get) so I thought things would run pretty smoothly. And, it actually did run very smoothly, but we took our time with lighting to get the best shots possible so that always adds to the clock. All-in-all, I think the time spent on set was ultimately worth it. By the way, the 8 hour plan turned into just over 11 hours. Not horrible, but certainly over the plan.

Mad props to both cast and crew. Everyone did a bang-up job. I'll start with the cast first. JD, awesome job. You were the rock through the whole shoot and gave us tremendous performances, trying to play the role of a geeky guy, with a quiet cool underneath. All of the facial expressions and looks were tremendous. Great job. Cristy, you brought exactly what was needed to the role. Subtle sexiness. Your beauty and grace made all of the shots exquisite. Thank you. James, what a fantastic job. Your demeanor as the quirky office manager was perfect and you lent a maturity to the cast. Nicely done. Melissa, you brought what you always bring... beautiful eyes. Great job coming in at the last minute and making a small role a great one. Tremendous job.

Fantastic job to the crew as well. Trace, Tory, Chris, Matt, and Jeremy all did a fantastic job, bringing their own artist vision and matching it to ours to come up with some great shots. I'm extremely pleased with what we laid down on tape and the experience and knowledge each of you brought to your various roles was invaluable.

Last and certainly not least, a major thank you goes out to Traci from Rainbow Dental. You were a rock star providing assistance to our actors, sticking through the schedule when we ran past midnight and helping along the way. We certainly couldn't have done it without you. And a special thanks to Scott, her husband for hanging with us as well. Movie making's not as glamorous as it looks, is it?

Thanks again to Dr. Hagen for providing the location. It worked out perfectly, just like we talked about. Thank you.

As always, there's more to write, but it's almost 2:00am and we're shooting again tomorrow morning. Tomorrow should be fun. An easier set of shots, fewer actors and a much easier set. I'm looking forward to working with JD and Geoffrey in the morning and picking up all of the shots with JD and Cristy. Should be a fun time. By the way, who plans a shoot on Mother's Day weekend when it's a full moon?! Until tomorrow...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Wisdom" shoot drawing very near

Clearly I don't understand the meaning of the word sleep. Shouldn't I be in bed getting rested for a shoot that's getting closer and closer as the minutes go by? I will be on location in less than 10 hours. Hopefully I will force myself to go to bed shortly. Can I yell "action" and "cut" effectively in my sleep? We shall see...

Cristy and JD (our lead actors) spent three hours today at the dentists' office getting acquainted with the actions that are required in the script. I love the dedication... hopefully it will pay off tomorrow. Until then.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Wisdom" rehearsal

We just got finished with our first read-through and rehearsal for our upcoming short film "Wisdom". All of the actors showed up on time, ready to go. After a little socializing we got down to business and read through the script. It was great hearing the script that we've been working on for months being read by live actors for the first time. After the initial read and some discussion about the shoot and some actor direction, we dismissed the three support actors and spent the rest of the evening working with our two leads. We did an additional read, then went through a couple rehearsals and it was cool seeing the characters start to come alive. It was nice being able to give lots of direction and insights into the characters and dialog and seeing the actors get more comfortable with the material.

Since our lead actress Cristy will be playing a dental hygienist in the film, she will be working with one of the dental hygienists from our shooting location (Rainbow Dental) so that her actions on the set will look real and natural. JD, our lead actor, just finished finals today, so he has time tomorrow to head down there as well so they will both be very comfortable with the dialog, the actions and the location by Saturday when we shoot.

Great job by all of the actors tonight. We should have a great shoot.

"Spellbound" screening at the Ross

Jeremy (from the Omaha Film Festival) and I had an opportunity to check out a screening of "Spellbound" down in Lincoln at the Ross Theater last night. Sean Welch, the producer, was in town so we were able to meet him and participate in a Q&A about the making of his interesting documentary following 8 students on their quest to the National Spelling Bee in Washington DC. I always enjoy hearing insights into the filmmaking process from people that make films. If you haven't heard about this film, look it up on IMDB.com and check it out at Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. I'm not a huge documentary guy, but the story was very well done and the kids that they selected to film were interesting and had compelling stories. I really enjoyed the film, and obviously I'm not the only one... it won the SXSW film festival a couple of years ago and was then nominated for an Oscar. Not too shabby for a couple of first time filmmakers that paid for their film on credit cards.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Wisdom" preproduction

Okay, so we start filming on Saturday, which, according to my calendar is only four days away. My typical "week before filming" consists of a lot of planning and organizing and generally getting ready for the shoot. So naturally I have been extremely busy sun-up to sun-down of late. Nothing critical mind you, just excuses.

So tonight I was out seeing Michael Kelsey in concert (for the second time in four days. If you haven't heard of him, you have no excuses. I have seen just about everyone in concert (not including ANY country of course) and Michael puts on one of the best shows I've ever seen. I call it "random acts of freakery" on a guitar. Guitar is his main instrument, but everything on stage gets "played" at some point during a show, regardless of whether or not it's actually an instrument. Check out his website and listen/watch some of his performances.

Tomorrow night Jeremy and I will be heading down to Lincoln to attend the monthly NIFP meeting then viewing a screening of the documentary "Spellbound" and meeting producer Sean Welch. Should be an interesting evening.

Thursday night is our cast rehearsal which leaves only Friday night for planning/organizing/etc. I'll assume that'll be plenty of time.

"Wisdom" cast and crew announcement

It is with great pleasure that I announce the cast and crew for our upcoming short film production of "Wisdom":

JD Welander as David, our over-thinking hero
Cristy Ferm as Amy, the object of affection
James Laurent as Clifton, the quirky office manager
Geoffrey Stienblock as Tony, the supportive friend
Melissa Randazzo as Lisa, the cupid

Marc Longbrake - Director
Pete Myhr - Producer/Writer
Trace Vardsveen – Director of Photography
Matt (Swanky) Vrtiska – Gaffer
Tory Lenosky – Assistant Director/Script Supervisor
Chris Jonak – Assistant Camera Operator
Jeremy Johnson – Boom operator
Karl Spurzem - PA
Misc crew to include (as they are available between directing their own projects): Jason Levering, Jeremy Decker, Chris Zech, Bob Vranes, Eric Dwight, Chad Bring

Cast rehearsals are set for Thursday night at 8:00pm at the palatial King Penguin Studios and filming will begin on Saturday.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Wisdom" is full force ahead

Why do I even have clocks in my house? Like it matters what time it is. So I have to be at work in six hours. Clearly that's not stopping me from sitting here in my office. Oh well, there's always so much to do. Speaking of which...

Pete and I spent about four hours tonight going through the script, coming up with a tentative shot list, developing a prop list, eating a large pizza and generally going over preproduction. I made all of the necessary modifications to the script and created google maps of all of our locations and sent them off to the cast and crew. My apologies to the cast and crew for the lengths of the two e-mails that I just sent. There's just so much to say and do and go over and tie up. Oh well, they're all artists, they should be happy reading, right?

The cast meet & greet, read through and rehearsal is scheduled for this Thursday night at 8:00 at my place, and principal photography is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. We should be ready to rock this weekend.

More on the cast and crew in upcoming days.

That's a WRAP - "Hero Alley" is in the can

Ahhhh.. principal photography for "Hero Alley" wrapped today (about an hour ago actually). We were on location at 7:30 this morning, all of the actors showed up on time and ready to go and we were able to get all of the shots we needed. A great final filming day.

Much love and mad respect to our cast: Erich Hover (as Cale), Eric Dwight (as Dex), Geoffrey Steinblock (as Rude Customer), Felix Freeze (as Fahzie), Rochelle Gordon (as Jazz), Stephanie Tapio (as Kat), Kevin Pufall (as Tyson), and Meg Noyes (as Annoying Customer). You guys all did a tremendous job and it was tons of fun working with you. I predict future casting from this director in future efforts.

Much love and respect also to our crew: Bob Vranes (DP), Lou Moulton (Gaffer/Grip) both of Extreme Films (check out their podcast here), Chad Bring (script supervisor/continuity) which is part of RoomMate Productions with Eric Dwight, and last but not least, our illustrious director Chris Zech of Echo Factory Productions. Special thanks to our additional crew members Pete, Courtney, and Chris' two brothers for all of their help on set.

Last shout out definitely goes to Scott from Kelley's Hilltop Lanes. He provided a great location and was fantastic to work with, giving us everything we needed, most of the time with us shooting from the hip and needing things on the fly. As location owners go, it doesn't get much better than what Scott was able to provide.

After filming today, Bob and Lou talked to Chris and I about the production for their filmmaking podcast, so be sure to click their link above sometime in the next few weeks/days and listen for some additional insights into the filmmaking process and our opinions on how it went.

Now then, on to editing. Editing choices, decisions, etc. will be made sometime in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

I will be taking some personal time off (probably about 30 minutes is all) to get refreshed, then it's full on to principal photography for "Wisdom" which starts next weekend.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Wisdom" -- T minus 7 days and counting

T-7 days and counting to the start of principal photography for the short film "Wisdom". All is going well but the weeks leading up to a production are always the busiest, making sure the respective t's and i's have crosses and dots where appropriate.

I did another walk through at our dental location making sure everything will be set for the 13th. All of the office people are excited about the film and curious how it will turn out. So am I. One person asked if this will be in theaters. Ummm... sadly no. It is a no-production short film that will hopefully make it into some film festivals across the country, but I'm getting way ahead of myself. Let's get it shot, then edited, then we can talk about other things.

"Hero Alley" is scheduled to wrap principal photography tomorrow morning at 7:30am. A special shout out to Chris Zech for doing a fine job in his directorial debut, and an even bigger shout out to him for scheduling us at 7:30am and not 3:30am like our two previous shoots.

For you music fans out there, I will be checking out Michael Kelsey tonight at Mick's. For those of you who've never heard of him, check out his website and watch and listen to his stuff. You will be amazed sonically and visually, I promise. I'm very much looking forward to it and will hopefully see many of you there.

A Ride of Passage

My friend Matt and his brother Nate just left early this morning to embark on an interesting journey. They are flying on a one-way ticket to Oregon (via Houston for crying out loud) with one bag and a lot of grit and determination. From there, they will pick up their bikes from the bicycle shop that they sent them to and cycle from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. This trip is scheduled to take about two-and-a-half months. If anyone is interested in following them along on their journey, or if you would like to donate to a couple of the worthy causes that they're promoting, feel free to click here or copy and paste http://rideofpassage.blogspot.com/ into your browser.

Good luck fellas.
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