Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Wisdom" rehearsal

We just got finished with our first read-through and rehearsal for our upcoming short film "Wisdom". All of the actors showed up on time, ready to go. After a little socializing we got down to business and read through the script. It was great hearing the script that we've been working on for months being read by live actors for the first time. After the initial read and some discussion about the shoot and some actor direction, we dismissed the three support actors and spent the rest of the evening working with our two leads. We did an additional read, then went through a couple rehearsals and it was cool seeing the characters start to come alive. It was nice being able to give lots of direction and insights into the characters and dialog and seeing the actors get more comfortable with the material.

Since our lead actress Cristy will be playing a dental hygienist in the film, she will be working with one of the dental hygienists from our shooting location (Rainbow Dental) so that her actions on the set will look real and natural. JD, our lead actor, just finished finals today, so he has time tomorrow to head down there as well so they will both be very comfortable with the dialog, the actions and the location by Saturday when we shoot.

Great job by all of the actors tonight. We should have a great shoot.


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