Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to all military-folk, past and present, living home and abroad. Your service makes my life possible.

Had a pretty good weekend. Spent several hours yesterday reviewing the latest edit of "Heart of the City" with Jeff Saxton and Matt Harrell. We compiled a list of edit thoughts and ideas that will hopefully help Jeff take the film to the next steps which will include completing the edit then taking the film to a final sound editor, then to an online edit. We're getting closer.

Spent some time with Chris Zech yesterday discussing our next short film "Random". We drove out to check out a possible location which was awesome (thanks Nate), but may not work for the specifics required for this short. A nice, fat budget would allow us to construct the required set piece on a sound stage which would be perfect, but may not be practical. We will continue to look for an existing location and consider the idea of possibly building a set over the next few weeks.

A rehearsal for "Random" will come sometime in the next couple of weeks as well. Due to the meaty and intense nature of the script, we will want the actors to be as prepared as possible before we start to shoot.

We are probably two weeks away from announcing the cast and crew so look for that in upcoming blogs.

In "Wisdom" news, a final rehearsal with JD is scheduled for Tuesday at 8:30pm at the King Penguin Studio. All of the voice over work is scheduled to be recorded at Empty House Studio this coming weekend so we're having this final rehearsal to help us all find the character. Plus JD spent over week in California and has probably forgotten the role, the short film, and probably even us.


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