Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It’s truly a small world

So, one of the stranger "small world” events occurred just this evening. We’re going to be in studio this weekend recording the voice over work for “Wisdom”. I was talking to Matt Tobias, owner/operator of Empty House Studio, a few days ago mentioning that I needed one more voice to record a half page of dialog and he mentioned someone that he had recently met that has done some voice over work locally. He gave me a name and a phone number. I called her and set up a meeting tonight while I was rehearsing with JD and Pete. I mentioned in earlier blogs that my buddy Shun Lee from LA was in town last week and we met one evening and talked about various film projects, past, present and future. At a little while after 8:00, another person he was scheduled to meet with that evening picked him up at my house. Okay, back to tonight.. this gal that was planning on coming over to audition for the voice over worked called back after I e-mailed her a map to my house and casually mentioned that she just-so-happened to be the one that picked up Shun Lee just a few nights before. Tremendously small world I must say.

The rehearsals went great tonight. Lori read well and will work perfectly for what we will need on Saturday and JD was his usual great self. There is a lot of dialog to get through on Saturday but we should be able to knock the whole thing out in a few hours. Then I will truly have no excuses not to work on the edit.

Speaking of the edit, Matt Harrell will be over Wednesday night to help lay out the editing for some of the scenes. I can use the help. We will also be talking about shooting “Random” and trying to figure out the crew situation. Never a dull moment.


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