Thursday, May 25, 2006

What's a podcast?

Did I mention on my last blog that there were no excuses and that I was going to start downloading footage right away? Well, that was Monday and it's now Thursday and I've managed to come up with some more excuses, so at this point, I still haven't downloaded a frame. I've upgraded all of the necessary software, added another large hard drive and am now ready to go. This time I REALLY have no excuses. Yeah, we'll see.

So, what's a podcast? Basically internet radio that you can download onto your iPod (or anything that you own that plays mp3's including your computer). That being said, my friends Bob and Lou have a podcast that they put out every two weeks on the topic of independent filmmaking. Ha ha. I couldn't help but chuckle when I typed "every two weeks". That's their supposed schedule anyway, you can see how often they actually put one out by clicking here. So, when you click there, feel free to download show number 33 and click "download the show" to hear Bob and Lou interview me and Chris Zech on location after we wrapped principal photography on "Hero Alley". Let me know what you think of the show and what we had to say. I welcome anyone's feedback.


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