Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Wisdom" principal photography day 2

AAAaaaahhhhh. Principal photography for day two is officially in the books. Or in the can, or the cassette box. Or something. It's done. Another great day on set with a fantastic cast and crew. I think we have some tremendous raw material to work with and I'm looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and cutting this thing together.

First off, I want to take my hat off to Pete, the writer and producer of this short film. You gave us a great script to work with, and it made it easy for me to cast it because everyone loved the script so much. I never thought I would direct a "romantic comedy", but after much discussion and thought, that's really what this was. Oh well. I think we worked well together and put a nice film down on tape.

So, on to the review of the day. Crew call was 10:00am at Pete's house so I showed up at around 9:40 to start getting things set-up, only to be greeted by an extremely sick Pete with a 100+ temp. Better him than me I say. Anyway, I hauled an entire Explorer's worth of gear into his two bedroom house and completely rearranged two rooms worth of furniture to capture our first shot. The crew and cast both arrived on time (which is awesome since we didn't wrap until after midnight last night and the crew had to drive clear back to Lincoln).

We had three decent scenes to get through plus a gorilla effort putting together the fantasy dream sequence and it all worked out well. The bed scene is a very cool scene with a painfully slow pull-back (30 seconds?!) Very nice. The kitchen scene is, well, the kitchen scene. It will be talked about and will go down in folklore forever. I cannot wait to edit that scene. Then the last scene on the porch, without the sunshine, and with the icy cold wind (is it May or January?). It's a good thing our character mentioned how hot it was the day before in his opening scene. Stupid weather.

The dream sequence was a lot of fun. My favorite part of filming that was the planning, then the execution. All of you filmmakers out there will certainly appreciate this. When Pete and I were discussing the various scenes and shots, we established all of these great locations to shoot them in, which if we had all day would have been great, but when on set, you tend to get a little more practical. We ended up shooting all four of our fantasy date shots within a mile of our first location of the day instead of shuttling the cast and crew all over town. I love it when common sense kicks in. Too bad it doesn't happen more often. All of the shots worked out great and it will be satisfying cutting the footage of four locations, four wardrobe changes, four camera setups, four lighting setups, and about 20 minutes of DV tape into about 15 seconds of screen time. Very satisfying indeed.

The last thing needed to pull the final project together is all of the voice over work and since JD thinks it's more important to go out to Los Angeles for a week, I suppose we'll be doing that when he returns. (By the way, I think a trip to LA is more important too.. and yes, I'm jealous).

Once again, thank you very much to the crew for doing such a great job. Trace, Tory, Chris, Matt, Jeremy... all rock stars. Hopefully we'll be working together again real soon. Also, great job to JD, Cristy and Geoffrey for coming in prepared and doing a fantastic job in front of the camera.

Okay, favorite moment... the "jelly scene" (insert laugh track here). Never before has jelly been... ummm.. spread and ...well, FLUNG in so many interesting ways at so many interesting... errr.. parts. Great job to those involved for maintaining their dignity. Blackmail photos to be discussed at a future date.

Favorite shot... certainly the close-up of the chess board and Cristy's beautiful face. Gorgeous shot... props to all for making it happen.

The highest compliment a filmmaker can give to his cast and crew... I will work with each and every one of you again, any time, on my projects or yours.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.


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