Friday, July 27, 2007

Film Streatms

Had an opportunity to catch two films at the new Film Streams theater here in Omaha. The official opening night was tonight so we were there for the first screening at 5:00pm. What an opportunity to catch the original theatrical version (all 3 hours and 27 minutes worth) of Seven Samurai. Great film and an very high quality print that looked gorgeous projected on the big screen.

Earlier this week I was able attend one of their private parties and caught the French film La Vie en Rose. It was great seeing and hanging out with Rachel, Casey and Ann and having an opportunity to chat with Alexander Payne.

Fun week of films.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

“The HIT” poster photo shoot and various project editing updates

I spent the day with Chris and Adam shooting photos for our movie posters. I snapped off about a hundred shots in a few different locations so we should have some nice material for our graphic designers to work with.

Editing is going smoothly. More on that soon.

I also have rough cuts of some of our other short film projects “Still Life,” “Hero Alley,” and “Wisdom” from the three editors that have been working on them so each of those projects are getting dangerously close to completion. More on these soon as well.
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