Friday, November 30, 2007

FNB commercial shoot – day 3 - Friday 11-30-07

That's a wrap. And my feet hurt. Sketchers aren't worth the ninety bucks I paid for them.

For those of you in the Omaha and surrounding area that have seen the First National Bank commercials that have been airing over the last six months, here's a bit more background. Last April a crew from LA came in and we shot footage for a week and they cut together five different commercials (some with alternate lengths). The ad campaign has been going well so the same crew came back to town this week and we shot an additional two days and that will result in two more commercials for standard broadcast and an all Spanish spot that will end up on the local Spanish channels. The new ones will have the same look and feel as the previous, but you'll see a lot more different types of characters, so look forward to that.

And of the five original spots, I'm sure at least a few of you have noticed that one of them doesn't air any more. The one with coach Callahan was pulled from the rotation. For (ahem) obvious reasons.

It was great working with BL:ND again and it's always great working with the Lights-On crew. And now (sadly) it's back to the 9 to 5.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

FNB commercial shoot – day 2 - Thursday 11-29-07

Call time 6:30am. I wrapped at 8:00pm. I haven’t the time, nor the energy to say anything else. Other than it was a pretty good day and a lot of film got shipped. Call time tomorrow is 7:30am, which is better than 6:30am, but not as good as the noon that I requested.

FNB commercial shoot – day 1 - Wednesday 11-28-07

I’m sure by now everyone in the surrounding area of Omaha has seen the First National Bank commercials that have been airing over the last six months. Well, we’re back in studio filming more. My day started at 7:00am helping with prelighting the soundstage and various other duties in and around the production offices. At 7:00 we had an empty studio and six empty offices and by 6:00pm, everything was full, set up, and ready for a full day of filming on Thursday. Here’s to tomorrow.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

E.Turnal Gear photo shoot

Spent some time on Saturday with my brother-in-law, owner and creative director of the up and coming clothing line E.Turnal Gear. We shot a few hundred photos in and around Omaha highlighting several dozen pieces of his custom-designed clothing. We’ve got another shoot in a few weeks, then we’ll get them up on his site(s).

Check out his myspace page (on my top friends list) and for a lot of our current logos and enjoy.

And, if you’re a millionaire and are looking for an investment opportunity, let’s talk.

Monday, November 05, 2007

"Heart of the City" screening

We had the great pleasure of screening our feature film “Heart of the City” at one of the big theaters in Rochester, MN last Friday night. We screened before an audience of about 130 people and the crowd responded extremely well.

After the screening, I got up and introduced Bernie Lowis from Omaha, who wrote and produced the original score for the film, Shun Lee Fong from LA, who was one of the lead actors, and Jeff Saxton from Rochester who wrote and directed the film. We then had a Q&A session that lasted well over a half hour (and into the midnight hour) and were treated to so many fantastic questions and kind words about the film.

Very much a memorable night and certainly a time of great inspiration.

And oh yeah, Jeff is now happily married.

And on Sunday, I did not rest. Hopefully next weekend…
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