Monday, May 22, 2006

Post production blues

Okay, I'm almost over the horror of the last week so I have no excuses now. It's time to start downloading footage. Pete and I have reviewed all of the footage and we like what we see. We've got the makin's of a decent little film. I still need to get in studio with JD for all of the voice over work, so that's at least a week away but after that, I will have all of the raw material to put a film together. And on that subject, if anyone out there is reading this and has their own music, or knows anyone that has music and would like to be considered for the soundtrack, please feel free to drop me a line and send me some CDs. I will listen to anything and if it's good and it works, I'll be happy to put your songs in the film. I will do an official song request blast via e-mail sometime in the next couple of weeks too.

So, assuming "Wisdom" and "Hero Alley" get edited sometime very soon...

I've got a lot of projects on the horizon. Schedules are being put together to finish shooting the music video "Sorry" for Brad Hoshaw. It's a great song and it's very visual so I'm really looking forward to shooting more footage for that. Two actors are needed (I'm pretty sure I have one committed already) and more live footage needs to be shot then I can start editing that as well.

Discussions with Redfrogs have been taking place over the last week with some interesting ideas for the Middle of Nowhere Film Festival so more on that in upcoming months.

Lastly, I had a meeting this weekend with Chris Zech (Echo Factory) and Nate Styles about DVD and poster artwork for "Wisdom" and "Hero Alley" as well as preproduction thoughts on a new short film "Random". A very cool project, that's, you guessed it, coming soon. I really need to win the powerball so I can quit my job to work on all of these projects full time.

Mark your calendars, the Omaha Film Festival is only ten months away.


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