Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Wisdom" principal photography day 1

Well Pete, we did it. The first day of principal photography for our short film "Wisdom" is in the can. We shot about 17 pages of script today. I figured about 8 hours should get us there. Naturally I figured wrong. Why does it always take WAY longer than you plan? I had the shots pretty well planned out, and I had a minimal number of setups (well, as minimal as I could get) so I thought things would run pretty smoothly. And, it actually did run very smoothly, but we took our time with lighting to get the best shots possible so that always adds to the clock. All-in-all, I think the time spent on set was ultimately worth it. By the way, the 8 hour plan turned into just over 11 hours. Not horrible, but certainly over the plan.

Mad props to both cast and crew. Everyone did a bang-up job. I'll start with the cast first. JD, awesome job. You were the rock through the whole shoot and gave us tremendous performances, trying to play the role of a geeky guy, with a quiet cool underneath. All of the facial expressions and looks were tremendous. Great job. Cristy, you brought exactly what was needed to the role. Subtle sexiness. Your beauty and grace made all of the shots exquisite. Thank you. James, what a fantastic job. Your demeanor as the quirky office manager was perfect and you lent a maturity to the cast. Nicely done. Melissa, you brought what you always bring... beautiful eyes. Great job coming in at the last minute and making a small role a great one. Tremendous job.

Fantastic job to the crew as well. Trace, Tory, Chris, Matt, and Jeremy all did a fantastic job, bringing their own artist vision and matching it to ours to come up with some great shots. I'm extremely pleased with what we laid down on tape and the experience and knowledge each of you brought to your various roles was invaluable.

Last and certainly not least, a major thank you goes out to Traci from Rainbow Dental. You were a rock star providing assistance to our actors, sticking through the schedule when we ran past midnight and helping along the way. We certainly couldn't have done it without you. And a special thanks to Scott, her husband for hanging with us as well. Movie making's not as glamorous as it looks, is it?

Thanks again to Dr. Hagen for providing the location. It worked out perfectly, just like we talked about. Thank you.

As always, there's more to write, but it's almost 2:00am and we're shooting again tomorrow morning. Tomorrow should be fun. An easier set of shots, fewer actors and a much easier set. I'm looking forward to working with JD and Geoffrey in the morning and picking up all of the shots with JD and Cristy. Should be a fun time. By the way, who plans a shoot on Mother's Day weekend when it's a full moon?! Until tomorrow...


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