Sunday, May 07, 2006

That's a WRAP - "Hero Alley" is in the can

Ahhhh.. principal photography for "Hero Alley" wrapped today (about an hour ago actually). We were on location at 7:30 this morning, all of the actors showed up on time and ready to go and we were able to get all of the shots we needed. A great final filming day.

Much love and mad respect to our cast: Erich Hover (as Cale), Eric Dwight (as Dex), Geoffrey Steinblock (as Rude Customer), Felix Freeze (as Fahzie), Rochelle Gordon (as Jazz), Stephanie Tapio (as Kat), Kevin Pufall (as Tyson), and Meg Noyes (as Annoying Customer). You guys all did a tremendous job and it was tons of fun working with you. I predict future casting from this director in future efforts.

Much love and respect also to our crew: Bob Vranes (DP), Lou Moulton (Gaffer/Grip) both of Extreme Films (check out their podcast here), Chad Bring (script supervisor/continuity) which is part of RoomMate Productions with Eric Dwight, and last but not least, our illustrious director Chris Zech of Echo Factory Productions. Special thanks to our additional crew members Pete, Courtney, and Chris' two brothers for all of their help on set.

Last shout out definitely goes to Scott from Kelley's Hilltop Lanes. He provided a great location and was fantastic to work with, giving us everything we needed, most of the time with us shooting from the hip and needing things on the fly. As location owners go, it doesn't get much better than what Scott was able to provide.

After filming today, Bob and Lou talked to Chris and I about the production for their filmmaking podcast, so be sure to click their link above sometime in the next few weeks/days and listen for some additional insights into the filmmaking process and our opinions on how it went.

Now then, on to editing. Editing choices, decisions, etc. will be made sometime in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

I will be taking some personal time off (probably about 30 minutes is all) to get refreshed, then it's full on to principal photography for "Wisdom" which starts next weekend.


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