Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Wisdom" is full force ahead

Why do I even have clocks in my house? Like it matters what time it is. So I have to be at work in six hours. Clearly that's not stopping me from sitting here in my office. Oh well, there's always so much to do. Speaking of which...

Pete and I spent about four hours tonight going through the script, coming up with a tentative shot list, developing a prop list, eating a large pizza and generally going over preproduction. I made all of the necessary modifications to the script and created google maps of all of our locations and sent them off to the cast and crew. My apologies to the cast and crew for the lengths of the two e-mails that I just sent. There's just so much to say and do and go over and tie up. Oh well, they're all artists, they should be happy reading, right?

The cast meet & greet, read through and rehearsal is scheduled for this Thursday night at 8:00 at my place, and principal photography is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. We should be ready to rock this weekend.

More on the cast and crew in upcoming days.


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