Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Wisdom" cast and crew announcement

It is with great pleasure that I announce the cast and crew for our upcoming short film production of "Wisdom":

JD Welander as David, our over-thinking hero
Cristy Ferm as Amy, the object of affection
James Laurent as Clifton, the quirky office manager
Geoffrey Stienblock as Tony, the supportive friend
Melissa Randazzo as Lisa, the cupid

Marc Longbrake - Director
Pete Myhr - Producer/Writer
Trace Vardsveen – Director of Photography
Matt (Swanky) Vrtiska – Gaffer
Tory Lenosky – Assistant Director/Script Supervisor
Chris Jonak – Assistant Camera Operator
Jeremy Johnson – Boom operator
Karl Spurzem - PA
Misc crew to include (as they are available between directing their own projects): Jason Levering, Jeremy Decker, Chris Zech, Bob Vranes, Eric Dwight, Chad Bring

Cast rehearsals are set for Thursday night at 8:00pm at the palatial King Penguin Studios and filming will begin on Saturday.


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