Saturday, May 27, 2006

Welcome home weary traveler

Had a great meeting with Sean Prior, lawyer turned Hollywood actor, yesterday about the state of independent film, acting, screenwriting, and the litany of projects we're both working on. We had a very cool exchange of ideas and an enjoyable time of pitching projects back-and-forth. I'd just read his freshly completed feature film script and was blown away by it. Great script, great story, great characters. It will be interesting to follow the process of the screen play as it hits various desks in Hollywood to see if there is interest. It seems tailor made for the big screen so it could be a very exciting "in" into the LA "family". Good luck SP.

Also, we talked about his next large endeavor that could be extremely cool but is probably at least a year away. More on that in months to come as things start to pick up steam. I know my wheels are already churning though.

I sat down two nights ago and made a list of the various film projects that I'm working on whether they be in post production (1 feature, 2 shorts), in the middle of principal photography (1 music video), in the preproduction stage looking for casting and crew (2 short films) or in the pre-pre planning stage (1 feature, 2 shorts, 1 documentary). Lots going on, very cool. It would be interesting to fast forward one year then two years to see how all of these turned out and how many other projects wormed their way in as well. If I had a DVD on my shelf of all of them in less than two years, that would be amazing because there are some awesome ideas knocking around that, if done well, could open some tremendous doors.

By the way, crew notes have gone out for our next short film project entitled "Random". This is an amazing script written by Chris Zech of Echo Factory Productions and there's a nice little buzz about the story. Everyone that's read it so far is excited about it and it could be a great door opener into some film festivals so I'm really excited to sink my teeth into it. I've hand selected and made offers to six very talented crew folk and if I can get them on board, we'll have a great film. We've already cast the lead male and have a lot of interest from two potential lead females. Rehearsals will start sometime in the next couple of weeks.


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