Saturday, June 17, 2006

Knock on wood if you get the chance

If you have a chance to knock on wood, or the opportunity presents itself, my advice is to go ahead and do it. It can’t hurt, right? I’m not superstitious, at all, but today we had a knock-on-wood situation. More on that in a second.

“Random” is moving forward. Chris and I headed down to Lincoln to hang out with Trace to talk about the script and to start talking about lighting, shooting angles, camera movements, etc. After talking through some of the specifics, I’m really looking forward to shooting this. I think we are going to end up with a pretty cool looking short film. During the conversation, we were talking about the various casting and crew options and I was mentioning how, in all of the films I’ve been involved with over the years, I’d never had a cast or crew person not show up for a scheduled shoot or rehearsal. Then I mentioned that we should probably knock on wood. No one did. Which brings us to the auditions for this evening.

We had two auditions scheduled for the evening, one of which sent an e-mail stating that they wouldn’t be able to get back to Omaha this weekend due to extenuating circumstances, and the other of which just didn’t bother to show up. Certainly a first for me, but you live and learn. That will certainly make the casting choices a lot easier. So, we should have cast announcements in a few days.

Crew-wise, we are going to experience a few changes from the last film as well. I was hoping that I’d get the whole crew back, but due to summer internships and various other projects, we’re going to shoot with a slightly scaled down group. I predict it will still turn out awesome though.

Next up, finding a location and rehearsals.

In other news, I talked to Trace about shooting the music video for Brad Hoshaw’s song “Sorry” and after listening to the song and going over my shot list, he’s on board. I need to find a male actor and a green screen, then we’ll be ready to shoot that as well.

To all of the fathers out there, happy Father's Day.


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