Sunday, June 04, 2006

"Random" auditions

Our first read-through and rehearsal for our upcoming short film "Random" went great tonight. Chris feverishly took notes as our actors read through the scenes for our first round of rewrites. After hearing all of the dialog live for the first time, I'm real excited about this film. It is going to be a lot more intense and gritty than anything we've worked on before and from what I saw from the performances in the rehearsal, it's going to be pretty intense. I can't wait to start filming. We've got one more audition tentatively scheduled for Thursday evening and a crew meeting tentatively scheduled in two weekends so hopefully we will be able to announce cast and crew sometime in the next two weeks. I feel good about everything except for a location. The perfect location can make filming very easy and a not so perfect location could make this shoot very difficult. Wish us luck in our search for the perfect one.

In "Wisdom" news, we got our much needed pick-up shot this evening. A half hour drive across town, a half hour of set-up time, and time for JD to come across town and get prepared, all for 3 seconds of screen time. Hopefully it will be worth it. I edited the footage into the scene tonight and it looks much better. So at this point, scenes 1-3 are assembled and looking pretty good. I have a lot left to do with the audio but the main parts are there. So, I'm happy that the first three scenes of a 9 scene film are done and feel like I'm 33% of the way there, but sadly that only represents pages 1-3 of a 20 page script. I have a lot of work ahead of me.


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