Saturday, June 03, 2006

Empty House Studio - "Wisdom" voice over work

We had a great time in the studio this morning. I showed up at empty house studio at around 9:15, we got the system set up and then spent some time recording some of the sound effects that we need for the short film “Wisdom”. Pete and JD showed up right on time and we got underway with all of the necessary voice over work. I’d scheduled just over two hours of studio time and all of JDs stuff was done in under an hour. I guess it pays to go into the studio prepared and I think having the rehearsal earlier in the week helped a lot as well. We blew through the entire script with several takes of each chunk of dialog and I feel like it turned out extremely well. Now I REALLY have no excuses not to finish editing. Lori came in a little after 11:00 and after a bit of chatting, went into the sound booth and knocked out several great takes of her dialog. So, with the one possible exception of a second unit shot that I need, we have all of the raw material to put this thing together. If there are any editors out there that want to come over and work on this, let me know.

Due to what I thought might be time constraints, I moved our “Random” read through that was scheduled for 2:00 today, to Sunday, but as it turned out, we could have easily had time to get to that today as well. Having a little more time tomorrow is probably a good idea anyway, so that should work out fine. I’m looking forward to seeing what Nate and Stef can bring to the roles.

Tonight is another great music night. Lee Hester (with full band) and The Chris Saub Trio are playing down at the Pizza Shoppe starting at 8:30 so I’m looking forward to that. Feel free to come on out and say hi.


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