Thursday, June 01, 2006

Music is alive and well in Omaha

With an evening off of filmmaking, I took the opportunity to take in some local music. I attended the CD release party for my friends The Chris Saub Trio. Awesome show, great music and tons of fun. The evening opened with Chris singing a few lines a cappella then being joined on stage by indie music legend Lee Hester who played the opening set. Lee’s acoustic guitar and folky vocals are always enjoyable and were a great start to the evening. Lee played for about 40 minutes then Chris came back on stage to revisit the opening a cappella piece, then was joined by band mates Matt and Steve. They rocked and rolled their way through many of the new songs on their new CD to the delight of the approximately 400 people in attendance. I sat in the back near the merch table and there was a constant stream of people buying CDs, t-shirts and skull caps. Very successful evening. After the Trio played for about an hour and a half, the band left the stage and Chris was joined by Galen from Lovetap to once again revisit the opening a cappella piece then the evening was finished off with a set of power pop tunes by local group Lovetap. Excellent evening of excellent local music. A handful of other musicians were in attendance as well so it was great seeing all of them. Not bad for a Thursday night. By the way, the Ozone is a great place to see live music.


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