Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Various project updates

"Random" - a short film written by Chris Zech to be directed by Marc Longbrake. Still in preproduction - planned for completion in July. Trace will be the DP.

"Sorry" - a music video by singer/songwriter extraordinaire Brad Hoshaw to be directed by Marc Longbrake. In preproduction. Casting is half way completed, the shot list is ready to go, location scouting is ongoing and we're waiting to complete "Random" before diving head-first into this one. Trace will DP this one as well.

"Hero Alley" - a short film (+/-45 minutes) written and directed by Chris Zech, Produced and AD'd by Marc Longbrake, DP'd by Bob Vranes and Lou Moulton. Early stages of post production. The goal is still to have this project completed by September so we can get our screening party underway!

"Wisdom" - a short film (+/-20 minutes) written by Pete Myhr, directed by Marc Longbrake and DP'd by Trace. Fairly deep into post production. A new editor has just come on board (thank you Jason) so that should not only help expedite the process, but will probably make the overall film better. Here's hoping. We need to have THAT screening party too!

"Heart of the City" - a feature length film written and directed by Jeff Saxton, produced and AD'd by Marc Longbrake, DP'd by Mike Hartzell. Jeff is in the process of making some significant improvements to the current cut of the film based on several screenings held over the last couple of months. Bids are out for a final sound edit and a final online edit. Donations are welcome. (it's hard to type this with my fingers crossed with the upcoming powerball drawing).

As I look at my wall, there are seven other projects waiting. Waiting for attention. Waiting to be written. Waiting for me to finish the projects listed above.


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