Thursday, January 25, 2007

“Heart of the City” – audio edit day 8

How many days does it take to completely mix the audio for a feature film? I’ll let you know when we’re done. Whenever that is.

Had another great evening tonight. We had (hopefully) our last actor in for ADR and it was probably the best ADR session we’ve had. Very smooth, very quick, very painless. Matt’s spent quite a bit of time over the last week placing and mixing all of the previously recorded ADR files and tonight we uploaded some of the original DAT audio for the two problematic board room scenes, so we should have everything we need to complete the movie audio. In another week or so, we’ll go through the film one last time to see if we need anything else but with the exception of the four remaining songs that we need for the soundtrack (two of which I think we have a handle on) we should be ready to export the audio stems.

One step closer...


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