Sunday, January 07, 2007

“Off Broadway” – principal photography day 6

Day six, Sunday. Last day of shooting in the main theatre location because at the end of the day, the set gets torn down. Great day with lots of great shots and more fantastic performances by the cast. We had some time while waiting for the prop gun so after lunch, we had an opportunity to set up some different/cool shots and shot some “special” footage that might find its way onto the DVD. We shot another “bonus” shot at the part yesterday too, more reason to reserve your copy of the DVD.

After we wrapped, we spent about three hours tearing down the set and all of the gear. Tragic to see that cool set piece destroyed, but the destroyers seemed to be having fun and it look real cathartic for Matt so ultimately it was worth it. Then the long trip home to sleep in my own bed.

Great cast, great crew, well rehearsed, well shot. It’s going to be a nice film. Two more shooting days are scheduled next weekend then it will be sent off to the able hands of the editor. I’m jealous, Matt actually has an editor scheduled BEFORE he shoots something. I should try that sometime.

To sleep, perchance to dream...


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