Sunday, January 21, 2007

“Heart of the City” – audio edit day 7

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Yes, more audio work was on tap for the PM portion of this Saturday. ADR work for two remaining actors is necessary so one of them was scheduled for today. In and out in less than a half hour. We’re getting good at this. Plus Paul didn’t have that many lines and we’re only redoing two scenes. One more actor for ADR, hopefully this coming Thursday evening.

After completing the ADR work, we started at about the 80 minute mark (where we left off last time) and jumped back into the Foley/EFX work and by 11:00, we completely made it through the film.

Over the last week Matt spent a lot of time placing all of the previously ADR’d recordings so after Thursday, all we’ll have left is replacing the four soundtrack songs.

Special thanks to Carolyn’s necklace.

In non-HOTC news, I personally know about three separate (and completely unrelated) film projects that were all filming today by different groups (two short films and one music video). Lots of stuff going on here in town. Very cool. Good luck to Christopher, Chris and Susan on your respective projects.


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