Sunday, January 14, 2007

“Heart of the City” – audio edit day 6

For those of you that remember my dissertations on sound editing from before, we got a few steps closer today. We had the last 15-20 minutes of the movie to finish laying down beds and working on mixing so we got that accomplished, then we started back at 0:00:00 to look for any Foley/EFX work that was missing. A few hours later we got through 80 minutes of the film.

One of the big things we needed to determine today was if we had decent enough audio for the two board room scenes and after going through everything we have, we are (sadly) going to have to get a couple of actors in for more ADR work. I will work on that in the next couple of days and hopefully after we get them in studio, we will have ALL of the necessary pieces to put this thing to bed.

ADR recording, ADR mixing, finishing the Foley/EFX work then finding four new songs (that we have the rights for) for the soundtrack. We’re almost done.


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