Thursday, January 04, 2007

“Off Broadway” – principal photography day 2

Principal photography is underway for Matt Harrell’s latest short film “Off Broadway” being filmed down in Lincoln over the next several days. It will be an approximately 15 minute long film intermixing live action with theatrical performances and has a great script with lots of witty dialog.

Tuesday was actually day 1 which was mostly made up of set building for the stage scenes and some time-lapse video footage. Given the blue collar nature of the day, I was happy to skip it and stay in Omaha. It sounds like there were people at the theatre until 3:00am building the set pieces so I’m doubly glad I didn’t go.

So today there was an early call for some of the crew to make the finishing touches on the stage, then to do all of the camera tests and lighting setups for this evening’s shoot. The actors all arrived on time and the real bulk of the filming started at a little after 6:00pm. Having not had the opportunity to get down to any of the rehearsals, this was my first exposure to the actors and I have to say I was extremely impressed. Matt had them all well prepared and they all showed up enthusiastic and batted the lines around like they were second nature. When you see the finished cut of the film, you will all appreciate the hard work the actors have put in because the delivery of the dialog is like watching a ping pong match between four players.

I knew most of the crew since I’d worked with a lot of them before and they were all doing the great job I expected.

Congrats Matt and Tory, you’re doing a great job and you will have a great short film when you’re done. Props to the cast and crew as well, everyone is doing tremendous.

I’m skipping out on Thursday’s filming due to the Omaha Entertainment Awards but will be back down with them Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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