Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Random" update

We're two days away from principal photography and everything is lining up nicely. Chris has had some great luck regarding the very important props that we'll be using and the other wardrobe and props have been falling into place over the last several days. Nate and Stef continue to work on their lines and I understand that the two special guest actors have mastered their dialog as well.

Three additional crew members have officially signed on for the project:
Matt Harrell - Script Supervisor, Continuity Director (thank you for all of your help through the audition and rehearsal process)
Chris Jonak - Camera Assistant, Assistant Director
Luis Jimenez - Production Assistant

A few other crew personnel are on the bubble and will hopefully commit within the next 48 hours (or clearly it will be too late).

In Omaha Film Festival news, Jeremy, Jason and I went out to the PS Collective tonight and set up everything for our special screenings Thursday night. We've got some very entertaining films so hopefully a lot of people will come out this week.


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