Sunday, July 23, 2006

"Random" - it's a wrap

How many film projects can you reasonably have in the can before you edit out a finished film? Right now, my number is three. May there not be a fourth.

Principal photography wrapped late yesterday afternoon for our latest film project "Random". So I guess I'll start with the obligatory "thank you's". Firstly, a major thank you to Timothy Thares for providing an absolutely perfect location. I had a set designed in my head (as filmmakers always do) when planning the shots that I would have built on a sound stage if we had a million dollar budget, which we clearly did not. As it turned out, the location that we shot was actually better than what I had envisioned. Mr. Thares was gracious from top to bottom, from not running any power equipment while we were shooting, to helping us clean up after the shoot, to providing bathroom facilities for clean-up when our actors were bleeding from head to toe (literally). And all for the price of a case of beer. Best bargain I've had in a long time. Additional props to Chris and his uncle for finding this magnificent location as well.

The second set of thank you's goes to our actors Stef Tapio and Nate Styles for bringing excellent performances off of the page and into the lens. The fury and violence toward the end of the script (I'm not giving anything away here) gave me goose bumps. A definition of actors who "brought it". Thank you so much. My apologies for any lingering psychological trauma that you guys endure throughout the rest of your lives. Blood stains eventually fade, but psychological scars can last a lifetime. If significant therapy bills are incurred, send them to me and I will graciously forward them to Chris (since it would clearly be his fault). An additional thank you to the guest actors at the end of the film. Sadly their performances weren't what I'd hoped for, but you get what you pay for. Their services were still appreciated.

Lastly, and these thank you's were in no particular order, I want to throw out a huge thank you to the crew. Trace, you will always have rights of first refusal on my upcoming projects and I look forward to seeing where your filmmaking career takes you. I am a fan. Chris J, once again brings so much to a shoot, a true go-to guy who can do it all (if you want me to punch your boss at work, the offer is still on the table). Thanks again for all you do, and if I ever need a girl duct taped to a chair, for whatever reason, I know who to call. Matt, even in your limited physical condition (only two more weeks!), your assistance and vision are always very much appreciated. Hopefully soon we'll get a project with a bigger budget and we can share the wealth. In the mean time, I'm looking forward to "Off Broadway". Special thanks goes to Courtney for being our designated woman on set. You were tremendously helpful and made some of the "special" clean-up a little more comfortable for the various parties involved. Hopefully your sunburn fades soon. And lastly, thanks a ton to Luis and Rick for their on-set assistance. Hopefully you were both able to learn at least a little bit about the filmmaking experience and will consider me when you start working on your own projects.

Chris Z, the thank you's go without saying, but I'll say them anyway. Thanks for bringing me a cool script to shoot and thanks for all of your ideas. Project number two is in the books, here's to many more.

For those that made it to the wrap party, thank you very much, I had a blast.

Onward and upward toward the next project. Either that or maybe I should direct my focus and attention to completing the edits on the last three projects. Yeah, I'll do that.


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