Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hacky Slacker – Principal Photography 07-27-08

I got a chance to help out another short film crew today. Shaun Vetick and Jonathan Lanz from Switched at Birth Productions shot their first short film “Hacky Slacker” from 8:00am until around 6:00pm and it looked like it should turn into a nice project. Comedies are always fun in the indy film world are somewhat rare, so it was a fun set to be around and the jokes are still ringing in my head. It’s always great to work with actors that have good comedic timing and they struck gold with the performances today.

It was also great walking on to a set where I knew just about everyone. Makes for a comfortable shoot. In spite of the neighborhood bullies wreaking havoc, mowing lawns, and leaving the occasional skid mark during a take.

I got a ton of great pictures during the shoot, but the one I didn’t get was probably the most important. The huge “NO” sign posted on the door across the street. Those on set today will get a chuckle reading that… sorry to everyone else.

Switched at Birth Productions


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