Monday, June 30, 2008

Bush Pigs – Principal Photography Day 6, Monday June 30

That’s a wrap. Principal Photography for “Bush Pigs” is officially over. There will be a couple of pick-up shots that will be taken over the next few weeks but the main bulk of the film is complete. Today was the big finale of the film. The huge restaurant scene with all of the extras. Due to work, I wasn’t able to get to the set until 4:00pm today and we wrapped at 8:00pm so I got in on plenty of the action. Upon my arrival it was great to see the set humming as they’d all been working all day. Things were under control and everyone was working well so I just eased into things gently.

We had a whole team of make-up artists creating masks for the final reveal of the film and we got a ton of Red Rock Micro footage in again and the images we got were stunning. Great day. And the best news of all, one of the directors is also the editor, so he’s going to start cutting it together this week. It won’t sit on the shelf near as long as my films.

Huge props to Tops and Christian for pulling off something that I honestly thought couldn’t be done. After reading the script months ago, I told them there was no way. I guess I was wrong. There will be things in this short film that you won’t typically see in short films. It was a lot of work but I think the final product will speak for itself and everyone involved should be very proud. Huge props to Skippy as well acting as the one man crew, and everyone else that worked behind and in front of the camera. Thanks for the great experience.


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Dotsero was the show, talk about sax!

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