Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bush Pigs – Principal Photography Day 7, Saturday July 12

Today included a series of pick-up shots. Some close-ups were needed back at the Venice Inn for the climactic restaurant scene so it only required one actor and an extremely scaled down crew. Some additional b-roll was needed at the restaurant, a couple of shots of billboards on the highway and some random incoming and outgoing flights back at the airport. With the exception of one shot that we couldn’t get today due to technical (okay, flaky) reasons, we basically have everything in the can that we need.

The remainder of the scheduled shooting day included sitting and reviewing a rough cut of the film (Tops works fast when he’s motivated), going over some of the additional rough footage, and watching people down a 24 pack of cheep beer. This filmmaking thing is rough business.

Assuming we get the details of the final shot worked out (which I believe they are now) it’s just a matter of getting it finished. The rough cut we looked at today looks fantastic and there’s a ton of great shots so I think we’re going to have a film that everyone will be extremely proud of.

I’ve given the directors props in each of my last several blogs. In this blog I give no props. Props will be held in receivership until the final green screen shot (dessert as CC puts it – four people are laughing as they read this…my apologies to everyone else). Until then…


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