Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bush Pigs – Principal Photography Day 5, Sunday June 29

Call time 8:00am, wrap time 7:15pm. I’m getting too old for this.

Weird day. The weather was perfect. Not at all what we’re used to.

So we started the day in a parking lot, rigging car mounts and puttings SUVs on trailers. Fun stuff. It’s always a bit disconcerting putting a $10k camera rig on a car mount and tooling down the highway at 60mph, but we had a lot of safety pieces in place and the gear worked masterfully. Most of the day consisted of driving up and down a stretch of road and getting various shots and angles to and from the hero vehicle. Pretty easy day for an AD. After about seven hours of that nonsense (and more Seinfeld references than you can shake a stick at) we broke location and travelled across town to the local Terror Free Oil station for the remaining shots of the day. The best part of those shots. Dogs. Yeah, two little dogs. Wearing dresses. And diapers. You heard me. And some vomit. Why does every independent film have to have someone vomit?! Granted, it does play a pretty important role in the film (trust me, you’ll have to see it). And it only splashed on our DP once. Sweet. It’s amazing how disgusting cookies, Pringles, a granola bar and Gatorade looks when one is projectiling it out of oneself.

Long day, but a good day. And the best part of shooting today is that it’s the day before tomorrow. And tomorrow is the last day of the shoot. Let’s hear it for tomorrow. Until then…


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