Friday, July 04, 2008

Brad Hoshaw and the Seven Deadlies – Live at Slowdown 7/3

Yes, they have a name now, which I can only assume (and hope) will continue to perform as a band. They landed the opening slot for Black Francis (Frank Black of the Pixies) at the Slowdown (one of the coolest clubs in town) and kicked off the evening at about 9:00pm, and yes, it was another fantastic night of music. The band has found a groove and performs all of Brad’s previously solo/acoustic stuff like it was written for a band. This band. Each piece fits together nicely like a puzzle and even though this was only their third show as a group, they sounded like they’ve been playing together for years. A 35 minute set cruised through a lot of the songs that Bard fans are familiar with which were all kicked up a notch by the influence of the Seven.

So Brad calls a few nights ago (much better than the hours notice I had last time) and mentions the show and asked if I could come and film it like we did their first show. After a couple of phone calls I had three hi-def cameras ready to go so we headed down to the Slowdown to capture the evening. The Slowdown staff was great to work with and after the third conversation assuring everyone that we would NOT film Frank, we were just there to capture BH&tSD, everything ran smoothly. There ended up being a great crowd and the club was the perfect place for the evening.

Props to Brad and the band and thanks for a terrific evening. Thanks also to Jason and Julie for coming out on a 4th of July eve and working the cameras.

Brad Hoshaw


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