Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bush Pigs – Principal Photography Day 4, Saturday June 28

It wouldn’t be a blog about “Bush Pigs” if I didn’t talk about the weather. So we had a ridiculous non-tornado rip through town and knock the power out of 26,000 homes. One of which was mine. My neighborhood looks like a warzone with felled trees and powerlines everywhere. We had a call time of 8:00am. My power went out at 5:30pm and didn’t come back on until 5:25am. Long night, but we survived.

So we had three significant scenes to shoot today and there were highlights to all three. The first two locations couldn’t have been more perfect unless they were on a backlot. The rooms we used at the Salvation Army hospital had to double for a doctor’s office in Africa, a mental institution in America, and a bathroom at a restaurant, and we were able to find excellent places to shoot all three. The acting (again) was top notch and we got a ton of great footage. Big props of the day go out to Rick for his insane make-up work (wait til you see it) and to the Red Rock Micro again for the insane images.

Excellent cast and crew day and we got a ton of great footage. Highlights: fake vomit, fake feces, fake pig face, fake Africa, fake hoof. Oh, and two dudes bathing naked dude. What a day.

And now it's 1:00am and we've got a 9:00am call. Why do I stay out so late?!


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