Sunday, February 11, 2007

“Hero Alley” – rough edit

Had a great meeting with Chris (the writer) and Chris (the editor) for out short film “Hero Alley” today. We got together to watch the first rough edit that Chris (the editor) put together. As with any first viewing of any rough edit, there are always going to be things that make me cringe, and this viewing was no different. There are a couple of glaring things (to me anyways) that I wished we would have shot differently (I blame myself). There will be subsequent viewings over the next several days and lots of note-taking in an effort to tighten up the edit but overall, I’m very happy with the performances and the overall look of the film. Now that the film is assembled, the hard part is over. A few tweaks here and there, some audio sweetening, the addition of a soundtrack and some foley work (refer to the past “Heart of the City” entries 1-7) and we should have a decent short film.

Huge thanks to Chris (the editor) for all of his hard work over the last few months and for the great job that he did. We’re close, I can feel it. Stay tuned.


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