Wednesday, December 13, 2006

“Once in a Lew Moon”

Had a great night tonight hanging out with Mr. Lew Hunter and his lovely wife Pamela this evening at the Ross Theatre in Lincoln. The producers and director of the upcoming documentary entitled ”Once in a Lew Moon,” about the life and accomplishments of Lew Hunter, were in town talking about their experiences with the production so far. It was a great opportunity to hear Lew and Pamela talk and nice to meet Lonnie Senstock, the documentary’s director.

After Lew and Lonnie talked, we were able to hear from producers Andrew Vamosi and Chance Williams, then we were treated with a three minute look at some of the footage with some pretty big Hollywood names (and one of the biggest Nebraska names) talking about the influence of Lew Hunter on the film industry. It was a great evening sponsored by NIFP and I’m really looking forward to the finished product. Look for it in sometime in 2007 and check for updates on their websites.

Once in a Lew Moon
Lew Hunter


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