Thursday, November 16, 2006

“Running” premiere at the Dundee

Checked out another Omaha film premiere at the Dundee Theatre tonight. There were two short films then a feature (60 minutes) that screened, all by Fallen Man Productions. The short films were “O’Digiorno,” written and directed by Adam Fogarty and “Rube’s Last Dance,” written and directed by Duncan Joyner. Both short films were the same story, filmed from different perspectives. An interesting concept.

The feature film “Running” was written and directed by David Sawatzki. The film was shot on the discontinued 8mm film Kodachrome and it resulted in a very unique film look. I had the opportunity to chat with David after the film and discussed some of the motivations for the film and the technical process.

Tomorrow night I will be heading out to check out the UNO Film Festival which will highlight the top films from the last year from the UNO students. Should be an interesting evening.


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