Thursday, November 16, 2006

“[pre]” ADR work

Spent some time with the 510 Cinema guys last Wednesday doing some looping for their most recent short film “[pre]”. Erich had already done all of the ADR before he left for California so all that had to be done was Adam’s dialog. After they went through the film and recorded all of the dialog, I had an opportunity to sit and watch the film for the first time and it turned out real nice. After looking at some of the footage that will run during the credits and hearing about the b-roll footage that they shot for the opening, it should make a great short film. Look for it at a premiere or a film festival near you.


Blogger 510 CINEMA said...

thanks for coming out Marc, it was great to have you... and thanks for you vote of confidence! cheers~

2:53 AM  

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