Saturday, December 09, 2006

“Ulterior Motives” – that’s a wrap

Principal photography for the feature length film entitled “Ulterior Motives” is now wrapped. There were some emotional moments after the last shots when some of the cast members realized that the film they had been working on over the last six months was finally over.

My perspective coming in for one day after the cast and crew had spent so much time together working on this film was that they had a real sense of camaraderie and it was a real family atmosphere. The crew worked great together and the cast came in prepared and ready to work.

Now the film is off to the editing suite so an initial cut should be available sometime in the next couple of months. Having only read a dozen or so pages of the script and seeing four of the scenes shot, I’m really looking forward to checking this film out.

I met a lot of wonderful folks and look forward to seeing them all on future projects. Fun day. Look for “Ulterior Motives” in 2007.


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