Sunday, April 23, 2006

"Hero Alley" principal photography - day 2

They said it couldn't be done. They said you can't shoot 28 pages of script with 34 camera setups in one eight hour day. They say that that is just too much. Well, have I got news for them... ummm, they were right. We had an extremely aggressive schedule planned this morning and while the cast and crew did a fantastic job, we just couldn't get through the whole schedule. Chris will be reviewing the shot list and the script in the next 24 hours and figuring out what's left, and we will attempt to reschedule all of the necessary actors to close this thing out. I know most of the filmmakers and actors have new projects starting in May, but everyone is on board and ready to finish principal photography on "Hero Alley" as soon as possible so that post production can begin. The good news, we don't have THAT much left, so we won't have to start at 3:30am anymore. Scott at Kelly's Hilltop Lanes has been awesome and is totally working with us on the schedule and very open to us coming back and finishing.

In case I hadn't mentioned how great the cast was doing yet today, I want to reiterate again what a fantastic job they are doing. This has been a very enjoyable cast to work with and they are making this production a lot of fun.

Okay, I'm going on minimal sleep so the details beyond what I've written so far are a blur. I will add more specifics on the shoot in upcoming days. Also, Chris and I will review all of the footage that we've taken over the first two days and we can start putting an editing plan together.


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