Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Heart of the City" ADR work - day 3

Day three of our ADR work is now over and it went very well. Kristy and John LB came in and did a phenomenal job getting back into character and delivering their lines. Both of them punched in almost immediately and effortlessly delivered their dialog, matching what was on the monitor and giving the right tones and inflections that the character's needed. The process was a lot of fun, okay, not really fun, but necessary, and it was cool to see the actors revisit their characters again. Now Jeff will take his hard drive full of audio clips back to Minneapolis and start laying the new dialog back into the film.

One of the scenes that required ADR work was an emotional scene between Nate and Kristi that takes place at a skateboard park (full of skateboarders). While Brad, our sound recordist, did an excellent job with sound throughout the project, the best sound guy in the world couldn't have done what we were asking to do. It was an exterior scene, on a windy day, with fifty skateboarders in the background. Have you ever asked fifty skateboarders to skate quietly? Well I have. Anyway, the scene played fairly well on headphones on the set, but after the final cut, the ADR will really punch the dialog and make a more impactful scene (yes, I said impactful). One of the many tricks in the filmmaker's bag.

I was able to make it to the first half of Eric's move this morning (Eric is playing "Dex" in "Hero Alley"). We moved LOTS of boxes and all of their furniture. A special shout out to the Two Men and a Truck that did most of the really heavy lifting (since they were the only ones getting paid). Because of the ADR work that we did this afternoon, I missed out on the promised pizza. Eric promised he'd bring me the leftovers tonight on the set, so we'll see if that actually happens. And speaking of the set, it's 8:30pm on a Saturday night and we're filming more of "Hero Alley" in seven hours. I should go to sleep now, but that seems unlikely.

Chris put together an updated shot list schedule that should make tomorrow morning run very smoothly. If the actors and the crew bring their "A" games, we should end up with a nice little project.


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