Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bush Pigs – Principal Photography Day 1

Day one is officially in the can. We shot everything that was on the schedule and snuck in a bunch of extra shots as well, so today was a complete success. The plan was to get through three scenes which was about 5 pages and we ended up covering it all.

We shot two exteriors at Tac Air (the private airstrip across from Eppley) and given the fact that we were shooting outside at an airport and we were experiencing 40mph winds (I’m guessing) and there was sporadic cloud coverage all day, I think we did quite well. The coolest part was having access to a private jet that we were able to shoot in and around. It’s always fun seeing how the other half live. The other scenes were in the terminal and it was certainly an easier environment to control.

Hats off to Topler/Champoux Productions on putting a great cast and crew together, props to the crew for doing a bang-up job in spite of the conditions and props to the cast for giving us great performances and making it easy on us.
We’re back at it tomorrow. We’ll be shooting car interiors and exteriors all morning then shooting around the crowds at a busy gas station in the afternoon. Fun fun.

Oh, and no cake for my birthday. Oh well. I did get a nice steak dinner afterward so that was awesome (thanks j).


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