Monday, November 05, 2007

"Heart of the City" screening

We had the great pleasure of screening our feature film “Heart of the City” at one of the big theaters in Rochester, MN last Friday night. We screened before an audience of about 130 people and the crowd responded extremely well.

After the screening, I got up and introduced Bernie Lowis from Omaha, who wrote and produced the original score for the film, Shun Lee Fong from LA, who was one of the lead actors, and Jeff Saxton from Rochester who wrote and directed the film. We then had a Q&A session that lasted well over a half hour (and into the midnight hour) and were treated to so many fantastic questions and kind words about the film.

Very much a memorable night and certainly a time of great inspiration.

And oh yeah, Jeff is now happily married.

And on Sunday, I did not rest. Hopefully next weekend…


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