Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Catch My Breath - Young Pflames

Had a great time this weekend shooting a music video for local rapper/R&B artist Young Pflames. It was a long shoot but we got a ton of great footage so the video is going to be awesome. We shot in three locations and had lots of extras and since we shot it all in hi-def, the final product should look real slick and real professional.

Topler did the directing, Robbie lit and shot it and I was along for the ride helping out with AD/SS and whatever else was needed. Meredith (Margaret) did a fantastic job of producing and Steve was an awesome grip.

Check back on Topler or Pflames’ MySpace pages over the next month-or-so to check out the finished video. I think you’ll be impressed.

By the way, we shot this two days ago and the song’s still going through my head.

And if you haven’t heard of Pflames, check him out. He’s blowing up and he’s gonna be huge.

Two fingers.



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