Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sew Girl

Have you heard of that reality show on the Sci-Fi channel called Who Wants to be A Super Hero? Check out if you want to know more about it. The reason I bring it up? Well, Carole Zacek, wardrobe/costumer for the feature film “Ulterior Motives” as well as loads of other local theatrical and film productions, has developed a character for their next season, aptly named “Sew Girl.” Since the show is in the audition stage for their next season, she wanted to get an audition reel shot and edited within a couple of days to meet the deadline.

So there we are on Sunday, in front of the court house and the police station in beautiful downtown Omaha, shooting footage of a chrome super hero, fighting crime and nabbing the bad guy. Derek Baker quickly put the crew together and wrangled Christopher Norton to shoot it and Adam Froemming to work the sound and within a few hours, they had all of the footage Carole needed to have a pretty nice reel. It was also cool to see Derek and Sam reprise their roles as police officers. Do you think they’re being type-cast? It will be interesting to see how many other entrants turn in a short film shot in hi-def.

Good luck Carole, remember us when you’re famous.


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