Sunday, April 15, 2007

FNB commercial shoot – day 4 – that’s a wrap - Friday 04-13-07

7:00am call. Only eight people on the call sheet today. Since this is the last day of the shoot, the afternoon was scheduled as tear-down. One of the people scheduled wasn’t able to make his time though, so that pushed the entire production back three hours and accordingly, pushed everything else back, but everything that needed to be shot got accomplished so it was another successful day.

It’s amazing to me to see how an entire sound stage of gear, four truckloads worth, can take a day to offload and set up, and only a couple of hours to completely dismantle and repack on their respective trucks. Granted, the motivation to get out is there, but to have things clean-up that efficiently speaks volumes to the professionalism of the Lights-On crew, as well as all of the other groups involved.

Today was supposed to be the shortest day, but it ended up being the longest because not only did the set have to be torn down, but all of the other areas needed to be cleaned out as well. All of this got accomplished though and it ended up being a great experience. Major thanks to Craig at Lights-On for getting me involved. Big thanks also to Lynn and Kirk in the production office, making the whole experience a good one. And also a huge amount of thanks to Roland for helping guide me through the week. Everyone was professional and courteous and I had a great time. Here’s to more projects in the future.


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