Sunday, April 15, 2007

FNB commercial shoot – day 2 - Wednesday 04-11-07

Wednesday was the first day that we had talent coming into our main soundstage. I arrived on set at 7:00am and got right to work helping organize the day. Ten people made up the talent pool for the day, spread between a 7:00am call and a 4:00pm call. When talent arrives on set, everyone in the AD department is immediately made aware to aid in the flow from their arrival to when they leave. When someone shows up, one of us will intercept and bring them to wardrobe and makeup to be made “camera ready.” During this time, all of the necessary paper work and documentation is completed. As soon as they’re through this area, they are escorted to the set where they meet the Director and AD for the first time and get in front of the camera. In some cases, wardrobe changes are necessary depending on the feeling from “video village” an area set aside for the clients and the agency that is able to see everything that the main camera sees on their array of monitors. Dozens of wireless headphones are also available so that everything that happens on the set can also be heard here. After a number of takes, the talent is then ushered off set and back to wardrobe and makeup to be made “street ready.” Any final signatures and such are accomplished here and the person is escorted from the premises. Repeat nine more times and you have your day.


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