Sunday, April 15, 2007

FNB commercial shoot – day 1 - Tuesday 04-10-07

When people think of vacation, it’s often a trip somewhere nice with family or friends. A time to relax, a time to see a different part of the country or world, a time to get away from it all. Vacation is often a time to recharge your batteries and not worry about the clock and the pressures of the day. Or at least, that’s MOST people’s idea of a vacation. I chose to spend a four day vacation working harder than I do at my regular job. I had an opportunity to work with a film crew from LA in town shooting a commercial for a local business.

It was the first set that I’d been on that was shooting 35mm so it was a great opportunity to be exposed to that format. Most of the four days were shot on a sound stage against a green screen so once the lights were set on the first day, only minor tweaking was required throughout the week so I didn’t get a chance to see too much from the lighting end, but the exposure to a much larger crew was great experience. The overall crew was close to fifty people and that didn’t include the clients and the talent, so at any given time, there were a lot of people on location.

Tuesday, day one, included picking up the LA crew from their hotel to see the set for the first time. After spending some time meeting and greeting and getting everything set up, the entire crew drove to Lincoln to shoot coach Bill Callahan and some other UNL folks. Most of the day in Omaha was spent prelighting the sound stage. My day started at 6:00am and ended somewhere around 6:00pm.


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