Monday, August 14, 2006

Movie night

Movie night was a tremendous success, and thanks to all who came out. We actually had eleven people over tonight, and for those of you who have been in my living room, know that that might be pushing it a bit, but we made it work. If I got rid of some speakers I could probably fit a half dozen more people, but I don't really see that happening any time soon.

We all watched several of the short film entries for OFF'07 and everyone seemed to have a great time enjoying and discussing the various film styles and topics. What was also fun was the amount of filmmakers in attendance and the discussions of all of our various upcoming projects. We are a busy group of people, but if we didn't all love it so much, we probably wouldn't be doing it. I can literally talk films and filmmaking for hours, as evidenced by the fact that the last person left about 7 hours after the first person showed up tonight and I'm supposed to be at work in about five hours. Ultimately worth it.

We were able to have a lot of discussion about our upcoming short film "The Dinner Date" (working title) as at least five of the people in attendance tonight will be on that crew. Should be fun.


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