Friday, August 11, 2006


I spent some time on a film set tonight. The independent short film is titled "Coultergeist" and was written by Brent Spencer and Jonis Agee. If you chuckled when you read the title and thought to yourself, ha, I bet it's a story about a couple haunted by a ghost in the form of an Ann Coulter doll...ummm...well you'd actually be right. It's a pretty funny script and was very much written for the space it's being filmed in which should make it a pretty tight production. The two leads are drama students at Creighton and both were turning in fantastic performances, and it's being DP'd by a film student from a film school out in Connecticut who's doing a great job as well.

They will continue filming tomorrow (I will be golfing and playing poker ALL day) so hopefully the production cruises along nicely. They plan on wrapping some time during the week and Brent has a pretty aggressive completion schedule so the film will be ready for viewing sometime in the next couple of weeks.

So...about that golf and poker...I get together with guys I went to school with every year for 24 hours of golf and poker and this is that weekend. Wish me luck. I will sleep when I'm dead.


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