Sunday, August 27, 2006

Four locations and a funeral

Okay, it was actually only one location, and it was a wedding instead of a funeral, but "one location and a wedding" doesn't have the same punch as a title. So Luis and I checked out another location for Mr. Jensen's house for our upcoming short film "Still Life". Yes, that's the official title now. At long last. Anyway, the location is tremendously perfect in so many ways with tons of character in every nook and cranny, ideal for our Mr. Jensen character. We have other locations we still need to see and since we can't afford a giant sound stage or a construction department to build us a set that will get decorated by the prop department and set dressers, we will eventually pick the best location for the script at the right price (free). And hopefully that happens sometime in the next two weeks.

As for the wedding, congrats Kelley and Chuck. May your lives together be fruitful (whatever that means). As for the funeral reference, I do have a habit of purchasing sympathy cards for weddings and this one was no different. I often spend a little time in the sympathy card section reading the various words of solace and understanding and relating them to the upcoming bonds of matrimony and often get a chuckle. So Julie and I are standing in Target reading sympathy cards and cracking up and it occurs to us that we just might look somewhat evil so we attempted to tone it down a bit. I'm glad there wasn't someone there that actually needed a sympathy card for some sympathetic reason as our antics may have taken their day from bad to worse. For all of those friends and family out there that get married in the future and receive the probable sympathy card from me, please accept it in the spirit in which it is given (my attempt and humoring myself and not necessarily anyone else).

Tomorrow’s a busy day (so why am I still up?) Photo shoot at noon for “Hero Alley” posters, auditions for “Still Life” between 4:00 and 6:00 then movie night. Hopefully there will be time somewhere for a meeting with an editor. Should be a fun day.


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