Thursday, August 24, 2006

Audition follow-up

Wednesday night I met with Luis (screenwriter) and Sahra (short story writer) and we reviewed the footage from the auditions on Sunday. My typical format is to provide a list of all of the actors to each reviewer as well as a copy of the headshots and we watch the tape without discussing the performances and everyone rates each actor/actress for whichever character based on whatever criteria the reviewer wants to use (I typically don't direct this part, I let them do it themselves). After we've reviewed each actor, we compare notes and discuss everyone's top three and see if there are overlaps. Typically (at least in my experience) there are a few that really stand out and everyone has them listed one on their sheets, but this one showed an extremely broad base, with just about everyone getting votes here or there. That being said, this one is going to be a bit tough to cast.

We've got some pick-up auditions that will take place on Sunday afternoon at KPP Studios so if you're reading this and want to audition, please let me know before Sunday and we'll find you a slot.

After the auditions on Sunday, we'll review the tapes again and hopefully be able to make some offers sometime next week.

I spent some time today breaking down the script and Luis has spent a lot of time storyboarding and developing a shot list so preproduction on this one is ahead of schedule and things are falling into place nicely.


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